Friday, July 22, 2011

Cover Reveals

I LOVED Lauren Oliver's DELIRIUM when I read it at the beginning of the year. It was one of the first dystopians that I read, and loved the way she created a different take on love. Check out my review here. Just recently, the cover for the second book in the series, PANDEMONIUM was released. Check it out:

I think the cover looks awesome. The one thing that bugs me is that it matches the special edition and ebook versions of DELIRIUM, but not the original hardcover. See what I mean?

Either way, it looks beautiful. You can check out Pandemonium on Goodreads here.


I am a fan of Kelley Armstrong's writing, although I haven't read half as much of her stuff as I should have. I've made my way through the first three books in her Women of the Otherworld series and have the next two sitting on my shelf; I have her Darkest Powers trilogy waiting on my shelf; and I have a signed copy of her newest YA, The Gathering, waiting to be read as well (I won this copy through Indigo Teen Blog's twitter). So, I'm a fan, but I'm a busy fan, haha!

Just recently, the cover for the second book in her Darkness Rising series and sequel to The Gathering, called The Calling was released! Check it out:

It really goes well with the first book in the series. Both highlight the earring and have an interesting colour. The purple looks great. Here's the first to compare with :

Click here to visit The Calling on Goodreads and add it to your shelf.


Lastly, DREAMING AWAKE, the second book in the Falling Under series by Gwen Hayes, has a cover! Like the Kelley Armstrong series, I haven't read Falling Under yet, but it's sitting on my Kobo and I hope to get to it soon! I absolutely love the cover for the first book, and the second is pretty cool, too:

Here's the cover for Falling Under to compare with:

I like how the colours seem inverted. The first had black flowers and a red dress, while the second has red flowers and the dress is black and white. One of the things that always caught my eye is the curls in her hair. I love the way they're spread out around her head.

You can add DREAMING AWAKE to your Goodreads shelf here.

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