Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Author Event: Maggie Stiefvater

This past weekend, I was lucky enough to travel down to Oshawa, ON (about 4 hours from where I live in Ottawa, ON) to attend one of Maggie Stiefvater's FOREVER tour stops! It was a very exciting weekend for me because I never ever thought I'd get the chance to meet Maggie. It was also my very first book signing!

The event was held at Chapters Oshawa. By the time we got there, everything was set up and there was already a handful of people there. Maggie had already dropped off the sharpie'd guitar that was to be given away at one of her Canadian stops. Doesn't it look awesome? (I unfortunately did not win. Mega bummer.)

Soon enough, Maggie was up on the stage! She talked about a lot of stuff like: hotel showers, blueLoki, meeting wolves in Hungary, unenthusiastic British school kids, and where she was when she heard Linger debuted at #1 on the NYT bestseller list last year. It was amazing being there and listening to her talk about her experiences rather than just read about them online. She was very funny and seemed like she was having a good time talking to us all.

The book signing came next. Since there were a lot of people, my friend Jen (who was awesome enough to come with me) and I wandered over to meet Tessa Gratton, author of Blood Magic and Maggie's critique partner, and asked her to sign our copies of Blood Magic. We chatted with her for a little while. She was really awesome to talk to.

We hung back to the end of the line, so that we wouldn't have to worry about being rushed when we got up to meet Maggie. My starstruck moment happened when we got up to get our books signed and Maggie looked at me and said "I know you from online...". I'm almost positive my heart stopped for a second. I mean, I was super excited to be meeting Maggie at all, but the fact that she knew me blew me away. We talked for a bit, got our books signed and picked up some swag. It was such an awesome experience.

We hopped off the stage, and then Tessa hopped on up so that Chapters Oshawa could get a picture of the two of them. I missed the picture, but was able to catch this, which I think is much better than what the "picture perfect" pose would have been: (It's worth it to click the picture and see the full size hehe)

I'm SO happy I had the opportunity to go to this event and meet Maggie (and Tessa)! I never thought she'd ever tour anywhere near me, so I knew I couldn't let this opportunity pass me by. My signed copies of the Wolves of Mercy Falls are all sitting safely on my shelf now, and oh my, they are beautiful! Maggie even drew a wolf in mine when I asked!

I also got an extra copy of Forever signed, as well as picked up some extra swag! Do you want to win it? Visit this post for more information on how to enter!

Big thanks go out to Chapters Oshawa for hosting, Maggie Stiefvater herself, and my friend Jen for joining me! This is something I'll remember for a long time!

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  1. That is just too cool! I so wish she would make a trip to Alberta. :0)