Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Review: Gray Moon Rising by S.M. Reine

Title: Gray Moon Rising
Author: S.M. Reine
Publisher: Red Idris Books
Publication date: June 25, 2012
Genre: YA, paranormal
Pages: 165 (ebook)
Source: From author for review
Series: Seasons of the Moon #4
1. Six Moon Summer (review)
2. All Hallows' Moon (review)
3. Long Night Moon (review)
4. Gray Moon Rising

It’s been almost a year since Rylie Gresham was bitten by a werewolf on Gray Mountain. Now something is beckoning her back to the place she was attacked, along with every other werewolf in the world. But they aren’t the only ones heeding the call. A group of hunters notices them gathering and sees it as their chance to wipe out the entire species.

Seth is about to graduate high school when he learns of the final hunt. He secretly plans to save Rylie and his werewolf brother even though he has to play along with the hunters to do it. But Rylie doesn’t want to be saved. She’s already decided to solve her problems with a silver bullet if answers aren’t waiting on Gray Mountain.

One way or another, everything is about to end—whether it means Rylie’s liberation or the end of her life...

When I started reading this book, it was kind of bittersweet. This has been a favourite series of mine since Sara first contacted me to review Six Moon Summer. I fell in love with her writing, her werewolves, and her characters from the beginning. Starting this book and knowing that it would be the end of the journey for Rylie made me feel a bit sad, because I didn’t want it to end.

Gray Moon Rising starts four months after the events at the end of Long Night Moon. Rylie’s been living at the sanctuary with Abel, Bekah, and Levi, under the close supervision of Scott. From chapter one, you can see the desperation that Rylie is feeling. After being a werewolf for a year, and seeing no improvement from being at the sanctuary, she’s starting to give up. She wants it to end: the guilt and pain of knowing she’s killed people and may very well do it again.

And then there’s the dreams. The dreams of Gray Mountain. Nightmares, really. These dreams put in motion the adventure of the whole story. Because when Bekah takes off after a full moon, the whole crew sets off for Gray Mountain, whether they’re supposed to or not (hint: Rylie is part of the “not” group, depending on who you ask). Meanwhile, Seth gets a visit from Eleanor and he ends up joining the Union, an army of men whose sole purpose is to rid the world of werewolves.

This book is just as action-packed as any before. We get the magic of the change, the mythology of the mountain, and the murderous urges of the scared. Once again, I love seeing the story from two different points of view: Rylie’s and Seth’s. Especially in this book, it’s so important in order to get the full story. It would seem too one-dimensional and much less exciting if we only saw one side.

I honestly don’t know what else I can say about this book without giving so much away. It’s a fantastic way to end the series. I am so happy with the way Sara brought everything together, especially by bringing it full circle and ending up back at the mountain. So although the ending was bittersweet, it was a good ending, and it’s a series I’ll cherish for a while to come.

Thanks to the author, Sara, for an ebook review copy!

P.S. Good news! Sara has decided to continue Rylie and Seth’s story with a new mini-series - Seasons of the Moon: The Cain Chronicles. It will consist of 4 episodes, and will involve reader interaction! So, Sara will be looking for YOUR input between episodes! Find more information about it here. And for the most up-to-date information, visit her Facebook page!

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