Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cover Reveal: Rapture by Lauren Kate

I love love love Lauren Kate's Fallen series. If you don't believe me, feel free to visit my review archive and read my reviews for Fallen, Torment, and Passion. Next summer, the fourth and final book in the series, Rapture, will hit shelves. However, Lauren Kate shared with us this week the cover for Rapture along with a couple special little surprises!

To start things off, here's the cover for RAPTURE:

The big change with this one is the dress that Luce is wearing. It's white! Here's the previous covers:

My favourite is definitely Passion. I love the colours because they're so different. You can expect RAPTURE on your bookshelves on June 14, 2012.

Surprise number 1 from Lauren Kate, was this:

FALLEN IN LOVE is a collection of four love stories, and not all of them centre around Luce and Daniel! I think it'll be awesome, especially for hopeless romantics like myself. AND it comes out on January 24, 2012, so it'll give us some of Lauren Kate's awesome characters and writing while we wait (impatiently) for RAPTURE to hit shelves.

Surprise number 2 can be found at Lauren Kate's website. It's a sneak peak at FALLEN IN LOVE, and it doesn't feature Luce and Daniel. Want to know which couple stars in this particular short story? Check it out!

Let me know what you think of this news! Are you a fan of Lauren Kate? Of her Fallen series? What do you think of these covers and the collection of short stories?
Talk to me people!

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  1. Hiya, I was browsing for the image of the 'Fallen in Love' cover and landed on your blog. I'm also a big fan of the 'Fallen' series! Do you simply surf all your favorite authors' websites to discover this info, or did you find it elsewhere?

    Personally I disliked 'Passion's cover most, goes to show how different tastes can be ;) It felt less dark, not fitting somehow. Somehow the cover for Rapture is different too, but fits better. It's still kind of dark, despite the white dress. And, what's Lauren kate's point with that? Will Luce and Daniel be married perhaps...?

    I was surprised by the 'Fallen in Love' book too, but you're right when you say it'll be a nice 'fix' while we're waiting for 'Rapture'. A different angle, more background, pure romance, probably something funny too... Cannot wait!

    Keep up the reading and blogging, I'll hop along sometimes!

    Hugs Mandy