Tuesday, August 29, 2017

I'm Back!

Hello book blogging world!

As you may have noticed, my blog has a brand spanking new theme and layout and no more broken links and outdated content! Woo! I have decided to try and jump back into the book blogging world. And with that comes the new look!

A little about where I'm at in life right now:

After living and working in Melbourne, Australia for 4 and a half years, I decided to move back to Ottawa, Canada to be closer to my family and try to get some teaching work in my hometown. Since my move in January 2017, I've done some tutoring and started working as a supply teacher in some local schools. Now, I'm ready for the new school year to start so I can begin networking and looking for a more permanent teaching role here in Ottawa.

Since I'm supply teaching, and it's summer (granted it's almost over), I have more time on my hands and think my book blogging hobby could use some dusting off. You'll have to bear with me though, I haven't written much of anything in years so I could be a bit rusty to start out with. But I'm excited to get back into it!

Crossing my fingers for a miraculous comeback!

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